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MAXX Pain Relief

MAXX Pain Relief


When you feel persistent, intense pain, use the powerful relief of Real Time MAXX. Loaded with pain-crushing peppermint, Real Time MAXX provides a powerful burst of minty pain relief. The quickly absorbing formula of Real Time MAXX leaves no greasy mess. The next time you feel intense and persistent pain, reach for the powerful relief of Real Time MAXX.

 The FDA requires manufacturers of most painkillers to print warnings of potential liver damage, kidney failure, intestinal bleeding and much more. Many topical products are full of toxic chemicals, Parabens, SLS and colorants.

We take a different approach to pain relief:

  • Since 1998, we have manufactured Real Time Pain Relief right here in the US with our own proprietary herbal blend. Our products contain NO Harmful Chemicals, NO GMOs, NO Parabens or SLS.
  • We Treat Our Customers Like Family. We wouldn’t want our families to use a product with potentially dangerous long-term effects. We wouldn’t ask you to either.

We use the highest quality ingredients. The result is the safest, most effective, fastest acting pain relief available.

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