Real Time Pain Relief



Pain Cream... Relief In Minutes

Real Time Pain Relief is the first product that we developed and remains our best seller. It is formulated with a special blend of 17 Ingredients from Nature including Aloe Vera, Menthol, Arnica, Capsicum, Willow Bark, and more. Real Time PAIN Cream is a non-greasy, fast absorbing lotion that delivers soothing relief within minutes of application.

It is Ingredient Based Therapy that lasts. Even better, it smells great and won’t leave you smelling like medicine.


Real-time PAIN Cream is formulated and packaged in the Heartland of America and is free of :

  • Dyes

  • SLS

  • Parabens

  • GMOs

  • Harmful Chemicals



Consistent Relief

If you’ve ever considered painkillers, you know that the side effects can be life-threatening. Pain medication has caused addiction, liver and kidney damage, and intestinal bleeding, just to name a few. Worse yet, many topical products contain toxic chemicals, artificial colors, SLS, and parabens, which can lead to chronic health problems down the line.


Our approach is different

In 1998, we made Real Time Pain Relief because we had too many friends and family members who were suffering from pain. We knew we could find a way to help them “Enjoy Living Again” without using products that could cause potentially dangerous side effects. So we developed the safest, most effective, fast acting pain relief on the market!

Take your life back. Alleviate your pain with Real Time Pain Relief!


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