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What They Say About Us

"Please, please, please put all of your products like Real Time Pain relief in all the stores all the time in every Walmart, all drug stores in every city and state!!!! It would be so much easier to buy your products in stores!!!! We will not take no for an answer!!"

Ivye Sowders - Rockingham , North Carolina

"Love your Real Time Pain Relief!! Please please please put all of your products in Walmart, all drug stores, pharmacies in all stores in the USA in every city and state!! Please make it easier to get in the stores!!!!"

Ivye Sowders - Rockingham , North Carolina

"I started using Real Time Pain Relief about 2 years ago. It works wonders on my knees when they get sore. I have arthritis in my hand and the roll on [MAXX Pain Relief] really works to stop the pain. I wish we had found out about this stuff years ago. If you have any doubts don't, this stuff really really works. I will never use that other smelly analgesic again."

Mary D. - Spring Hill, Florida

"I love the products..."

Katya Morrow - Dc , Massachusetts

"My wife tried RTPR with HEMP when she had shingles. Her shingles did not surface. It cut the pain tremendously. We have been using for about 5 years now. Now added the hand sanitizer to purchases. Very satisfied."

Harvey F. - Ooltewah, Tennessee


"My family know I bruise extremely easy. My children and sister expected my leg to turn black from thigh to ankle, yes I bruise like that. I immediately began having the nurses slathering MAXX generously 4 times a day. Yes it helped with pain as well, however helping with the bruising was remarkable!!! Yes I did have a ‘normal’ amount of bruising but not what was expected for me. Now I carry a tube in my purse, have one on my nightstand, and have a 16oz by my recliner. I’m covered on all fronts with MAXX. Thanks Bobbie!"

 Regina F. - Matthews, North Carolina


"Love the hemp real time and ordered the hand sanitizer..."

Cynthia - Memphis, Tennessee

"I have tried so many brands of lip balm. This one not only helps my lips not bleed and peel, but it also works great on the chapped nostrils. I have terrible allergies and blowing my nose constantly makes it painful and raw. I started using the lip balm on the outside of my nostrils and it has made a world of difference. Thank you for such awesome products!!!"

Tayna C. - Rockford, Illinois

"I love these products and especially the information you put on your site. It is so helpful since I do have arthritis, pain that is causing my lack of sleep. I love reading things that will help me and I printed things of use to me so I can reread. I thought my absent-mindedness was concerning more of my mind than my health. Thank you so much."

Carol R. - Loves Park, Illinois

"For over 5 years Real Time Pain Relief has helped me overcome pain in my lower back and neck from accidents. I cannot go to sleep at night until I real time it. Gives me four to six hours of relief and [rest]." 

Paul J. - Richmond, Indiana

"A former coworker gave me a the vegan roll on after I suffered whiplash from being hit in a car accident. This gift helped me get through some of my worst pain. When it ran out I was so sad. My luck turned around when I saw reps from [RTPR] at the Health and Fitness Convention in Chicago last year. I got a great deal and just received a coupon towards my next purchase. I just placed an order for the foot cream since I got a new job where I stand all day. Happy customer!"

Marissa - Chicago, Illinois

"MAXX plus. It allows me to have more quality of life. I also am UVA and have seen Kyle Guy play college basketball, featured in the newsletter this week. He’s amazing and I am thrilled that he found this cream! Thank you for a second chance in life!"

Pinky Palmer - Bradenton , Florida


"As luck would have it I found this product by mistake, I was at a showing that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with pain, or medicine, I was having pains seen the reps advertising to other prospective customers. I stopped checked it out ,the rest is EXCELLENT history I swear by this product. I was and occasionally in pain, rub it on and BOOOOM, relief."

Daniel - Madison, Wisconsin

"I have tried everything on the market to relieve back, leg, side, and neck pain. My Dr. prescribed a $90. Cream , pain pills , ect. Walking through a flea market, a woman in a booth stopped me asking if I had pain . Best decision I made was to stop and try this cream. It is the only thing that offers any relief . I use this on my legs , back , neck . My daughter was complaining of pain in her hand . I applied the cream and she was pain free in minutes . My nephew complained of neck pain after a long flight to visit . I gave him the cream , he slept pain free . I can’t say enough about this cream . Can’t wait to try the night time."

Charna D. LOGGED, Palm Coast , Florida


Robert W. - Allentown, Pennsylvania


"I just love it!"

Roy T. - Newport NEWS, Virginia


"It works!"

Lou - N. Miami, Florida


"I cannot live without this stuff. The ONLY thing that gets rid of my headaches and migraines. I rub it on my neck and behind my ears, within minutes it is gone. I can’t say enough good things about it and recommend it to as many people possible. Thank you so much real time pain relief."

Paige - Eureka, Missouri

"In less than 3 weeks, your foot cream removed blisters, cracking, itchiness and unsightly sores from the soles of both feet. Now, my soles are smooth and back to normal. No more itching, leaking blisters, cracking or unsightly open sores!! Thanks so much!"

Kevin J. - Clarksville , Maryland

"Can not express how great the new lotion The George Foreman [Knockout Formula] is. I have used all the products Real time makes they are all good but this new one is out of this world for the first time in years I didnt have any and I mean any pain what so ever after using it and last I had my first nights complete rest in a long time. Thank you for comong out with such a great product!!"

Kathy C. - Fulton, Texas


"I have been suffering with osteoarthritis for several years, which mainly effects my knee and shoulder, and I had back surgery almost 2years ago, so me and pain know each other intimately. I have used tramadol, which always left me with a nasty headache, NSAIDS, ice, heat, and knee braces, all of which only offered temporary relief. A friend of my mom's, introduced me to Real Time. Initially I was a doubting Thomas, and let it sit in my gym bag for a long period of time. However, one day, after walking my 120 lb., Rottie, and dealing with the debilitating pain and stiffness, after the walk, I decided to try this Real Time, and to my amazement, it worked. It brought me instant relief, and I started using it on my lower back and shoulder. This is the best product that I have ever used, and I recently purchased the Real Time with Hemp Oil. I have this scaly patch on the right side of my temple, that itches, and I applied the Real Time to that area, and it stopped the itch immediately. This is a miracle in a bottle, and if I could meet the person/persons, who created this product, they would get the biggest hug I could give. Thank you, Real Time has put pep in my step, and I can enjoy going on long walks with my dog again."

Dawn L. - Durham, North Carolina


"It is very good for cramps I am encouraging people to buy it."

Rose A. - Boston, Massachusetts


"I have very bad arthritis in the knees and back. Had cancer last year and the chemo drugs left my fingers and feet tingly and numb. I have tried many pain medications over the years for the arthritis, but when I took a chance on this one, I found a miracle. It has relieved the arthritis pain, the neuropathy (mostly) in the feet and hands, and I swear this is the best stuff I have ever tried. I used the original first, then the MAXX and now love the new roll on. Cannot tell you enough how grateful I am to have found this. Thank you."

Pat C. - Kenosha, Wisconsin


"My husband and I have been using RTPR for several years. He has pretty sensitive skin. This product sinks into his skin without any problem. We keep every formula you have on hand and will order your new MAXX plus today. Thank you, RTPR, for making your products with ingredients that aren't harmful to us. More than 5 stars for our review."

Linda S. - Grand Island , Nebraska

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