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Virastan Sanitizer

Virastan Sanitizer


Kill COVID-19 Within 2 Minutes

Virastan is a sanitizer powered by Protectene®, the plant-based formula, proven in world renowned laboratories, including laboratories working with World Health Organization. USP-51 Antiseptic Tested proves efficacy against more than 170 deadly pathogens, including corona virus. Virastan is first of its kind natural sanitizer, which is a plant-based formula. The potent compound is environmentally safe with very low toxicity. Therefore, it is not harmful to humans and pets. Protectene® is all natural, alcohol and GMO free. It is safe if swallowed, and may be used by all age groups in all stages of life. Virastan has been undergoing field trials for many years in various global geographic location and climatic conditions. It was previously successfully tested in Malaysia for H1N1 and has extremely high efficacy of numerous fungi, bacteria, viruses and yeasts with no toxicity effects to human, animals or plants. The product is completely biodegradable.

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